Wednesday, December 06, 2006

metaphors for changing views of the church

I connected the dots.

The walls fell down.

The pieces of the puzzle came together. (magic cicero's idea)

The walls of the compartments in my brain melted and all the knowledge could mesh together.

Truman left the building (from the Truman Show).

The light bulbs went on.

The ground shifted (Sister Mary Lisa's idea)

The world was in black and white, and now in color (Sister Mary Lisa's idea)

I came out of my eggshell. (a new eric's idea)

I stepped off the bus. (Zarathustra's idea)

I took the red pill (from the Matrix).

Any more?


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Can't think of any more beyond what you already quoted me on. Thanks! I liked reading all these.

Oh, wait, how about I felt like a new me. Like I was suddenly OK.

kitestring said...

I haven't seen this elsewhere, but I sometimes see it as opening a door to see what is outside.

from the ashes said...

kitestring- I like that one. That's close to what I felt, except that I felt like the house around me was destroyed, more than I just opened a door.

Sideon said...

I met the man behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz).

I woke up (like it was a bad dream).

That was swell, but it's gone down now (from the movie Tank Girl).


Zarathustra said...

Do you rememeber when Gandalf releases King Theoden from Saruman's spell in _The Two Towers_. He says something like, "Breath the free air, my friend."

Bishop Rick said...

I found my thinking cap.

I got hungry for the truth and ate a sandwich.

from the ashes said...

Great ideas, folks.

I haven't watched Tank Girl, and I haven't seen The Two Towers since my release from Sauron's spell. I'll have to go back and watch that scene.

(Of course, Mormons see it as being released from the devil and freed in Christ.)