Saturday, November 24, 2007

as if that was all it takes

Sister: hangs up phone

FTA: Who was that?

Sister: [Our brother].

FTA: What'd he say?

Sister: The baby blessing is a week from Sunday at nine.

FTA: Ah. I'd probably even go to church for that.

Sister: Oh, yeah?

FTA: At least until after the blessing. laughs

Sister: laughs But you'll be out of town by then.

FTA: Yeah.

Sister: teasing Well, I'll call him back and tell him you'd come, and he'll call mom and tell her and then they'd change it to tomorrow so you could be there.

FTA: Right, so I could maybe feel the Spirit and come back!

Sister: laughs The sad thing is that it's probably true that they'd think that.

FTA: Yep, they totally would.


hm-uk said...
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hm-uk said...
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from the ashes said...

Let me clarify: I am visiting my family in Utah. I'll be leaving UT before the baby blessing. I'll still be in the country for a spell.

(chandelle) said...

i haven't dealt with the issue of being invited to church yet; we don't see my in-laws often enough. i'm really not looking forward to it, as i'm sure it will have to come up at some point, primarily when we move out of state and come back for visits.

i wish i could meet you, since you're in utah. i love your blog.

Sideon said...

Your sister sounds like a riot :) I'm glad she's got a great sense of humor and is comfortable enough to tease!

from the ashes said...

chandelle- My parents haven't ever invited us to church. They are good about giving us our space our of respect. That's how their respect manifests, anyway. My in-laws invite now and then, but we always decline. I think a lot depends on personality, your relationships, and how open you are about why you don't want to be a part of the church.

I'm leaving UT too soon to plan any get-togethers, but I'll be by again, since my whole family is here. Next time!

Sideon- Yes, it's nice to have this sister with whom I can be fairly open. She's very much a believer, but she's also very open and accepting of me, which is very, very cool.

(chandelle) said...

we're...not very open. my husband's family is pretty fanatical, and it just doesn't work to talk about that stuff. everyone just sort of pretends like it never happened, which drives me in-freakin'-sane. i don't honestly know if that is better than being disowned; then at least it would be "out there," we could acknowledge it and work with it. sigh.

i am talking about it a lot on my other blog, which is not listed on my profile. if you are interested in visiting, it's at i'd love to get some feedback as our stories are pretty similar in many ways (and i actually plugged you a few days ago).