Tuesday, April 01, 2008

yoda's potty mouth

Note to self: watch youtube videos before letting my son watch them.

You'd think a simple Star Wars spoof would be pretty innocent, right?

Okay, so I should've seen the possibility of inappropriate-content-for-5-year-olds coming.

But there's no way I could've predicted Yoda saying, "Oh, shit!"

And then my son repeating it about ten times, laughing the whole time. Because, yes, he does know that's "a word you shouldn't say around Grandma or at school, mmkay?"


Becca said...

HOW COME you have to remind the very time to say thanks you but they repeat the bad words with no problem?????

Anonymous said...
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Phoenix Touch said...


I am laughing so hard. SHIT is my absolute favorite word! I use it all the time, thus my daughter has picked it up quite eloquently. When she was in first grade, she and her partner in crime best friend were out on the playground whispering to one another. Another friend wanted to know the secret. She and her friend debated on whether to share or not. They decided to trust her and let her in on their secret. Betraying their trust, she promptly ran to the playground teacher and ratted them out. They were called into the principal's office of their private school, written up in their permanent record and, then, when I came to pick her up, I was reprimanded too! Their secret: "I hate Hello Shitty Kitty!"

Mai said...

"Oh, shit! I just stepped in some doggy do-do."

OK, I admit I like the word 'shit,' too. But why do I call the part of my anatomy that the shit comes out of 'me bum.'?

The other day, one of the Church Ladies was kind enough to drive me to the grocery store.

I was kind enough to fart in her car, I mean one that Eric Cartman would have been proud of.

'Oh. I'm sorry! I didn't realise that fart would stink THAT bad.'

'Gas, dear, nice people don't say the 'f-word.'

I did not have the heart to tell her what the 'f-word' really was. Sometimes, Mai is kind.

Mai said...

Forgot to subscribe - yet again.

from the ashes said...

phoenix touch- Oh, what a story! Kids! And teachers!

mai- Oh, great story. Ah, the church ladies. Fart was the f-word in my family growing up. lawl

from the ashes said...

becca- No kidding! A little please and thank you are rarely heard, but "shit" is so fun to say.